Career Opportunities

Commercial Real Estate

IPSCC is a Commercial Real Estate Company and Commercial Mortgage Company
changing the way Commercial Real Estate companies compensate their agents.
Instead of promoting the company, IPSCC wants you to be the Benefactor
from your hard work.
We don’t believe in brick and mortar,
We don’t believe in building mausoleums to satisfy our egos.
We believe the emphasis should be placed on you and your success!
We will provide you with the best opportunity to make more money, provide you with commercial educational classes to help you close more deals, and
allow you to have multiple streams of income.
IPSCC has a Sponsor Bonus Program whereby you, the Associate, can sponsor Agent(s) and receive ongoing compensation based upon their closings from Commercial sales, Commercial loans as well as your own closings. Our Sponsor Program also offers you, the Associate, the opportunity to participate in our retirement and our death benefit program for you and your family.

Don’t you think it is about time a business offers their Associate’s more than just a commission?  How about a Retirement and Death Benefit Program?

It’s about time!!!!

Contact: Joseph Passerino – Broker @ 949-215-0931

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