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Born and raised in Southern California, I have lived in Orange and Riverside counties the last thirty years.

Upon leaving college, I embarked in a successful business career which gave me the skills and knowledge to handle complex financial real estate transactions and the expertise to manage large organizations. As I acquired more experience, I moved up the corporate ladder and my job responsibilities increased from transactional duties to over all planning, organizing and directing strategic functions to achieve profitable goals for the institution.

As a member of senior management, my approach and outlook became more demanding and complex and in every situation, I capably demonstrated the ability to bring people together from different cultural backgrounds and skills to create winning situations for both, the employees and the organizations.

As a Sr. Vice President and Chief Lending Officer with national banks, I built loan portfolios from $75mm to over $2.8 billion in a five (5) year period as well as open, operate and manage four regional lending offices nationwide including a professional staff of over 500 employees.

My extensive knowledge and experience allows me to create new and innovative approaches to commercial real estate sales, residential and commercial lending and marketing while maintaining strict adherence to regulatory compliance. My well rounded management experience in all areas of lending for commercial and residential real estate gives me the opportunity to work in all area related to non-performing assets, asset disposition, legal process, etc. Additionally, my several years as Chief Credit Officer and a Sr. Member of the Credit Committee, provided me many opportunities to forensically evaluate lending policies to identify and improve risk management efforts which at times lack direction and accountability.

In the areas of marketing and business development, I was able to assemble ambitious and highly motivated individuals who worked well as a group and produced high yields and volume. This, I accomplished by creating different compensations incentives which kept all personnel motivated and focused.

My experience in Administration and Personnel helped me develop a keen sense to spot talent that could be developed and be motivated in a group environment while respecting and acknowledging individuality.

My management and well rounded financial skills, gave me the opportunity to work in a Financial Advisory capacity for the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation). My expertise in special asset management provided a new opportunity to evaluate complex real estate loan portfolios of $300mm and $350mm for the sale/securitization of the residual value of the many portfolios assigned to my group.

Additionally, I was involved in the closing of National and State Banks in various states and placed in charge of taking all the largest special asset management, fraud and claims investigations. Most recently, I served in a Financial Advisory position to the OCC (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency) to review, evaluate and recommend changes in order to attain full compliance in the foreclosure process as mandated by the Federal Reserve Board and the OCC. Our team provided the legal and regulatory agencies with the proper procedures for correcting deficiencies in documentation including errors and omissions which occurred between 2009 through 2012. I served in a Senior Management capacity to conduct a forensic “Look-back” review of foreclosures, short sales and loan modifications which were caused by the financial and real estate meltdown of 2007 and to this date continue to be a difficult legal issue.

I have represented multi-family and commercial clients closing over $200 million and arranged over $500 million in FNMA DUS multi-family loans as well as over $300 million in commercial loan transaction nationwide.

My vast expertise in the financial and real estate industries, allowed me the opportunity to provide consulting services to the senior management of local and national banks as well as other investment institutions.

Office: 949-215-0931

Cellular: 951-378-3434

Email: jpasserino@ipscc1.com

CA BRE Broker# 00631090

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